Matt Mukenschnabl
President / Shop Manager
Matt has been an A&P Mechanic since 1993 and IA (Inspection Authorization) since 2001. He has completed factory maintenance training
on the following aircraft: Dassault Falcon 20, Socata TBM 700, TBM 850, TBM 850 (with G1000), Cessna 650 Maintenance Initial/Advanced Troubleshooting, 
Sovereign, Phenom 300, Airbus Helicopters AS350B3 and Large Series Pratt and Whitney Engines training.

Mark Palazzo
Cirrus Shop Manager / Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Mark has been an A&P Mechanic since 1983 and IA since 2008. He has completed the Mobile Air Conditioning Society Refrigerant
Training and Cirrus Maintenance Training. 

Justin Gruber
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Justin has been an A&P Mechanic since 2013. He is also an IA.

Bob Taets
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Bob is a licensed A&P Mechanic and works as a part-time employee.

John Wach 
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
John is a licensed A&P Mechanic specializing in turbine aircraft.

William Cherwin 
Aircraft Maintenance Technician

William is a licensed A&P Mechanic.

Caleb Mukenschnabl 
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Caleb is a licensed A&P Mechanic.

Leigh Rosales
Office Manager & Turbine Customer Service
Leigh has a B.S. in Air Transportation Administration and a Private Pilots license.


Renee Riani
Piston Customer Service
Renee is a pilot and aviation enthusiast.

Kari Overton

Administrative Assistant
Kari has over 8 years in the aviation industry.

Emma Handlos
Parts & Contracts Manager
Emma has a B.S. in Aviation Administration and is the contact person for our contract customers.

Christophe Merani

Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Chris is a licensed A&P Mechanic and IA.

Luke Grotto
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Luke is trained in Learjet 60 Aircraft, Boeing 727/757 Aircraft, Challenger CL600 and CL601 Aircraft, Citation 500 Aircraft,
Lockheed L-1011 Aircraft, and Aeronca Thrust Reversers.