Matt Mukenschnabl
President / Shop Manager
Matt has been an A&P Mechanic since 1993 and IA (Inspection Authorization) since 2001. He has completed factory maintenance training
on the following aircraft: Dassault Falcon 20, Socata TBM 700, TBM 850, TBM 850 (with G1000), Cessna 650 Maintenance Initial/Advanced Troubleshooting, 
Sovereign, Phenom 300, Airbus Helicopters AS350B3 and Large Series Pratt and Whitney Engines training.

Mark Palazzo
Cirrus Shop Manager / Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Mark has been an A&P Mechanic since 1983 and IA since 2008. He has completed the Mobile Air Conditioning Society Refrigerant
Training and Cirrus Maintenance Training. 

Justin Gruber
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Justin has been an A&P Mechanic since 2013. He is also an IA.

Bob Taets
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Bob is a licensed A&P Mechanic and works as a part-time employee.

William Cherwin 
Aircraft Maintenance Technician

William is a licensed A&P Mechanic.

Leigh Brunelle
Office Manager & Turbine Customer Service
Leigh has a B.S. in Air Transportation Administration and a Private Pilots license.


Renee Riani
Piston Customer Service
Renee is a pilot and aviation enthusiast.

Tawny Johnson

Administrative Assistant

Danielle Forrest
Business Administrator

Scot Severson
Parts Administrator

Christophe Merani
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Chris is a licensed A&P Mechanic and IA.

Sean Garafolo
Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Michael West
Aircraft Maintenance Technician

James Munsch
Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Luke Grotto
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Luke is trained in Learjet 60 Aircraft, Boeing 727/757 Aircraft, Challenger CL600 and CL601 Aircraft, Citation 500 Aircraft,
Lockheed L-1011 Aircraft, and Aeronca Thrust Reversers.